14 Years & So Many Beers

Treasure Coasts' Drinking Club with a Running Problem

soo many beers
The Objectives
  • To promote physical fitness among our members

  • To get rid of weekend hangovers

  • To acquire a good thirst and to satisfy it in beer

  • To persuade the older members that they are not as old as they feel
Things to Bring
  • Fleshlight & Whistle

  • Towel/ Change of Clothing

  • Fellow Hasher or Virgin

  • Positive Attitude

These are some of the trail markers or 'plops' you may see on the trail. Each trail is unique and your hare will review which markers they are going to use before trail.

  • filter_dramaBrief Synopsys of Hashing

    The Hash House Harriers is simply an international group of non-competitive running social clubs. An event organized by a club is known as a hash or hash run, with participants calling themselves hashers and is comprised of hares and hounds.
    One harrier (the hare) lays a trail of flour over a course (s)he chooses. The other harriers (the hounds) try to follow that trail to the end where they enjoy munchies and beer (or soft drinks). The typical hash is 3-5 miles over hill and dale, through suburbs, woods, malls, et al. The hash isn't a race, there are no prizes to the swift. Following the trail is the challenge, camaraderie and beverages are the rewards.
    More can be found on the wikipedia page

  • placeAbout the Treasure Coast H3

    The Treasure Coast Hash House Harriers (TCH3) is a kennel of the global group, Hash House Harriers, and is a 'drinking club with a running problem.' This is an adult running group. It's crazy. It's mad-n-ing. It makes running fun. You can also find more information at ProBoards.
    We have began by meeting on Thursdays, but have started our 'Saturday Celebrations'. Our hash events happen primarily in Martin & St Lucie County. We also will do an occassional Special Event or Full Moon Hash. For upcuming Crazy Run's and/or to be added to the direct email list call (772)260-7048 or use the contact form below. On On!
    Founded By Gator Hater and Whore Shack

  • whatshotRed Dress & Special Events

    Red Dress Run is always a big event that we look forward to every year & get many surrounding kennels to join for the weekend debauchery. As with any special event we make sure to secure hotel deals for hashers and organize food & fun for everyone to have a great time on the Treasure Coasts. Check our Events page for more information.

Join the Fun

Treasure Coast Red Dress Run

Friday August 19 - Sunday August 21 2016


TCH3 Nation and Beyond - the 15th Annual TCH3 Red Dress Run will be held on Saturday, August 20th, 2016. The announcement shows this event from Friday the 19th - Sunday the 21st, and this is a true statement. There will be events during the entire weekend, with the Red Dress taking place on Saturday the 20th. Below is the schedule as follows...

TCH3 Red Dress Weekend 2016

TCH3 Red Dress Weekend 2016 Hares: Whore Shack, Rimbrandt, 2 Pumps and a Downshift, Jersey Jizz Tits, Sanford and Cums, 2 Finger DisCunt, NFHN Jen, and NFHN Blake proudly and humbly invite you to the 15th TCH3 Red Dress Weekend, taking place August 19th, 20th & 21st, 2016. As a shameless attempt to get you to cum play with us, we are offering an All Inclusive Registration for the entire weekend of fun, fellowship and hashing adventures. Just to be clear, All Inclusive means that all Hash Cash is included, all Beer and other Select Beverages are included, Food on Saturday Afternoon, Saturday Night and Sunday Brunch are included!!! And did I mention the Patch?? She is a Beauty, and one that you are gonna wanna score..

Registration & Payment

We have set a max of 40 regos for this event, so don’t wait until the last minute to join us. The first 15, in honor of our 15th RDR took advantage of the $50.00 pre-rego cost, and it will be $69.00 from this point forward.

To pay via Venmo, please use the link at the bottom (account username is: JP-hughes-2001 - DO NOT USE ANDY-HART-3)

To pay cash – contact one of the event organizers (Shack, Rimbrandt, 2 Pump, Jersey, Sanford, 2 Finger, NFHN Jen or NFHN Blake) and make arrangements to meet them to pay. This is your responsibility, so make the effort necessary to meet them, not the other way around.

To register, go to Hash Rego and fill in your information.

OK, I am pretty sure that I have your attention, so here is the rest of the details about what your rego will be including ...

  • gradeFriday, August 19 - 7pm - Starlight Trail

    Starlight trail with two options.
    Option A, will be a traditional runners trail hared by Sanford & Cums.
    Option B, will be a pay as you go pub crawl Lead by Whore Shack. Both trails will begin near Downtown Jensen Beach, and will reunite for circle for co-joined shenanigans and celebrations. Hashers will be on their own for dinner, but we can plan to go as a group to a local eatery.

    All leftover orange food and beer will go to the hashpitality suite for after party.
    Start time will be 7:00sht at the Publix at Ocean Breeze Plaza 1780 NE Jensen Beach Blvd. Hash Cash – included in full rego, or $5.00 day of.

  • directions_runSaturday, August 20 - 12pm - Tap A Keg/ Hurl Gurl Hash

    Tap a Keg hash featuring the Hurl Girls!! This will be a traditional runners trail with a sexy twist. Nothing better than the TCH3 Ladies in tight shirts and short skirts, serving up not one, not two, not three but FOUR possible trails!! Let it all hang out with Jersey Jizz Tits and the newly named 2 Finger DisCunt who will be senior hares for NFHN Jenn and Blake who will be named at the end of trail.

    Cum join us for a unique trail experience with multiple trail choices & a double naming!! In addition to all of this amazing hash action, there will be a Pizza Party for all who join us for this hash. The kegs will now be available for the rest of the weekend or until they are kicked.
    Start time will be 12:00sht at the Clarion Inn Stuart 1200 SE Federal Hwy. Hash Cash – included in full rego, or $10.00 day of.

  • local_barSaturday, August 20 - 6pm - Red Dress Social

    This is the highlight event of the weekend. Dawn your red dress you sexies and join us on a social stroll in one another's company. Trail will include multiple beer and liquor checks. Real food as well as the orange variety will be provided at circle/post lube. We will then enter the famous Dancin' in the Streets block party and join the libation filled crowds enjoying live music from multiple stages throughout the downtown streets. Entry into Dancin’ is included in the hash cash.

    Start time will be 6:00sht at Shepard Park at 600 SW Ocean Blvd. Hash Cash – included in full rego, or $40.00 day of, and includes pre-lube trail, with multiple beverage stops, circle that features actual food as well as orange food snacks and last, but definitely not least, the TCH3 Pirate Pin Up Girl patch.

    Dancin’ ends at 12 midnight, so the kegs and leftover booze and food will be transferred to the hashpitality suite for the After Party. Note: The hash hotel is the Clarion Inn on US1, and is located just 1 mile from Downtown Stuart. It is advised to Uber or car pool to the start location and then make your way back to the Hashpitality Suite at the Clarion

  • directions_bikeSunday, August 21 - 1130am - Fat Boy/Fat Tire Byko and Brunch

    Join us for homemade, hand prepared brunch, including Bloody Mary’s, and Mimosas. The final event of this incredible weekend will then take to the sleepy Sunday streets of Pt Salerno for a byko trail that can accommodate those who need to sweat out some booze or those who would just prefer to set their cruise control. We will work to kill any beer that has so far escaped being imbibed.
    Start time will be 11:30sht at Sandsprit Park at 3443 SE St Lucie Blvd. Hash Cash – included in full rego, or $20.00 day of,


Hash hotel will be the Clarion Inn of Stuart (772-287-6900) - Call them directly and use the code Red Dress to lock in a $60.00/night deal. You can have up to 4 to a room...or more if that is how you roll.

Rego's are highly suggested and must be paid in full before you will be added to the Who’s Cumming list. We have set a max of 40 regos for this event, so don’t wait until the last minute to join us. The first 15, in honor of our 15th RDR took advantage of the $50.00 pre-rego cost, and it will be $69.00 from this point forward.

Just a final note to all who may be on-the-fence, skeptical or even down right suspicious of the Rego cost of this event, or the hash cash amounts for the individual events. I can assure you that the organizers are working tirelessly, volunteering their personal time to plan and coordinate this amazing event for the amusement and enjoyment of all who attend.

The goal is to make sure that we cover the cost of all the elements that will make this an epic event that you will remember fondly for years to cum. Any additional funds, above and beyond covering the costs of the event elements will be donated to charity, so that our good times can be a benefit for others as well.

I hope this put’s your half minds at ease and encourages you to Rego and join us.

On On ~ TCH3 RDR 2016

  • R*n# 360ish

  • Hare: Whore Shack, Rimbrandt, 2 Pumps and a Downshift, Jersey Jizz Tits, Sanford and Cums, 2 Finger DisCunt, NFHN Jen, and NFHN Blake

  • When: Friday August 19 - Sunday August 21 2016

  • Cost: $69.00

  • Where: Clarion Inn Stuart 1200 SE Federal Hwy, Stuart, FL 34994

  • Directions below ʕ ᵔᴥᵔ ʔ
From I-95

  • Exit at Kanner Hwy and follow it east to Federal Hwy. Make a right and go less than a mile, Clarion Inn will be one your right.

  • If you know your way around, then you already have a handle on this location.

If you happen to get turned around, or lost, call Whore Shack at 772-260-7048 and we will give you turn-by-turn d-erections.

No matter how you get there, get there. This is an easy drive from the South kennels.

On On

Up Cumming Trails & Events
  • AUGUST 20 - TCH3 Red Dress Hash ( >Click Here< for details)

  • SEPTEMBER 10 - NFHN Emme

  • OCTOBER 15 - NFHN Jennifer


  • DECEMBER 17 - Shack - Holiday Lights Hash (date subject to change)

CLAIM YOUR DATE - TCH3 is scheduled to hash at least once a month, but multiple hashes in a month just means more opportunities for fun. Also, variety is the spice of life, and each hare brings their own style and attitude to the trail. Claim a date and show yours. On On

Treasure Coast Hash House Harriers


Contact/ Message

Please feel free to message the GM at the form provided or on the various social networks. Thank you for your interest. Please share our page below!

South Florida Hashes

There are many hashing opportunities throughout the week in South Florida. Here are the web links and phone numbers of the hash kennels in Palm Beach, Broward, Miami & Key West.
Keep an eye out for weekend event hashes & other various on-goings on our proboards or facebook pages.

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