14 Years & So Many Beers

Treasure Coasts' Drinking Club with a Running Problem

soo many beers
The Objectives
  • To promote physical fitness among our members

  • To get rid of weekend hangovers

  • To acquire a good thirst and to satisfy it in beer

  • To persuade the older members that they are not as old as they feel
Things to Bring
  • Fleshlight & Whistle

  • Towel/ Change of Clothing

  • Fellow Hasher or Virgin

  • Positive Attitude

These are some of the trail markers or 'plops' you may see on the trail. Each trail is unique and your hare will review which markers they are going to use before trail.

  • filter_dramaBrief Synopsys of Hashing

    The Hash House Harriers is simply an international group of non-competitive running social clubs. An event organized by a club is known as a hash or hash run, with participants calling themselves hashers and is comprised of hares and hounds.
    One harrier (the hare) lays a trail of flour over a course (s)he chooses. The other harriers (the hounds) try to follow that trail to the end where they enjoy munchies and beer (or soft drinks). The typical hash is 3-5 miles over hill and dale, through suburbs, woods, malls, et al. The hash isn't a race, there are no prizes to the swift. Following the trail is the challenge, camaraderie and beverages are the rewards.
    More can be found on the wikipedia page

  • placeAbout the Treasure Coast H3

    The Treasure Coast Hash House Harriers (TCH3) is a kennel of the global group, Hash House Harriers, and is a 'drinking club with a running problem.' This is an adult running group. It's crazy. It's mad-n-ing. It makes running fun. You can also find more information at ProBoards.
    We have began by meeting on Thursdays, but have started our 'Saturday Celebrations'. Our hash events happen primarily in Martin & St Lucie County. We also will do an occassional Special Event or Full Moon Hash. For upcuming Crazy Run's and/or to be added to the direct email list call (772)260-7048 or use the contact form below. On On!
    Founded By Gator Hater and Whore Shack

  • whatshotRed Dress & Special Events

    Red Dress Run is always a big event that we look forward to every year & get many surrounding kennels to join for the weekend debauchery. As with any special event we make sure to secure hotel deals for hashers and organize food & fun for everyone to have a great time on the Treasure Coasts. Check our Events page for more information.

Join the Fun

TCH3 Hallowtoberfest de los Muertos Campout 2016

October 21-23

  • R*n# 365

  • Hare: 2 Pumps & a Downshift and crew

  • When: October 21-23

  • Cost: $25 - Please rego via Hashrego & Venmo

  • Where: Allapatta Flats, just west of Stuart; It is the unnamed drive on the north side of Martin Hwy between Allapattah Rd and SW Long Dr

  • Directions are below ʕ ᵔᴥᵔ ʔ

Village People! Choose your favorite hunk from the world famous band, get yourself a costume, and lets YMCA. You may want to have a "nice" version of your costume (publicly acceptable yet not too warm) for the pub crawl and a "naughty" version (hash acceptable) for the evening.


Guarantee your space immediately via venmo
You can pay cash but we cant guarantee your registration until we have your money.


Allapatta Flats, just west of Stuart; It is the unnamed drive on the north side of Martin Hwy between Allapattah Rd and SW Long Dr

Location Details

The combination for the gate is currently 8275, but this is subject to change at the discretion of SFWM anytime before the weekend, we will update that as necessary. Once you enter it is two miles to the campsite, but the signage is clear. Please don't speed and watch out for the wildlife!
You can drive your gear all the way to the camping area, but parking is limited, so you will not not be able to park your car at the campsite if you are outside our limit or a latecomer. Within reason, we will offer shuttle service to anyone who has to move their vehicle back to the front entrance. You have to lock all the gates behind you, if you go through a gate and it is open, you have to get out of your vehicle and close all the gates behind you. FWC will kick us out or fine us if we leave the gates open. You are welcome to arrive to the campsite as early as you would like on Friday.

  • gradeFriday, October 21

    Slightly later yet traditional trail (to allow for folks coming south to get out of work and into Palm City on time) with pre lewd, beer check post and circle beer. All beer that isn't consumed during the hash will go back to camp and can be used up until it is gone, but this does not necessarily mean unlimited. You also get to go camping that night!

    Late start hash. Prelewd starts 7pm, Hare away 7:30pm Pack away 7:45pm. Where- SW Clydesdale Place, Palm City (subject to change). You are also welcome to just go to the campsite and chill there.

  • directions_runSaturday, October 22 - Afternoon

    "Nice" Costumed Byko Pub Crawl. YOU NEED CASH OR CREDIT AND A VALID ID. When: Prelewd 12:15PM, Hare away 12:30PM, Pack away 12:35PM. Where- Hurricanes Grill in Palm City, 2355 SW Martin Hwy, Palm City, FL 34990
    -Social ride through Old Palm City, offering a chance to show off costumes to an unsuspecting public and to get out of the woods for a bit. Also a chance to get a bite to eat before heading back to camp and or to acquire supplies from the local Publix.

  • local_barSaturday, October 22 - Trail/ Party

    Once twilight begins, put on your naughty costumes because its time for the Zombie trail with pre lewd and circle beer. Any beer left over will be consumed until it is gone, but this does not necessarily mean unlimited. You will also get a homemade dinner Saturday night after the trail. And, you get to camp out when you're finally done partying like the undead Village People you are.

    -Sunset Costume Contest with prizes that will help you succeed on the Zombie trail
    -Naughty Costumed Zombie Trail. When-sunset. Where- Allapattah Flats Trail 6 campground. Prizes for the victors, spankin's for everyone else.

  • 1
From I-95 North

From I-95 South
  • This event provides a lot, but not everything. Please be aware that we are providing all the hash beer for 2 of the trails and a drink during the pub crawl, dinner Saturday night, as well as the camping and amenities on site. We are a long way from the nearest stores, so you are required to bring anything you need to keep yourself from getting hungry or sober or from dying. There will be plenty to drink and eat at different times, but once its gone, you will have to rely on your own supply. Please make sure to bring camping supplies, food, water, fermented beverages, etc, basically anything that will help you to survive for 2 nights in a PRIMITIVE CAMP SITE. There is NO ELECTRICITY, NO RUNNING WATER, and GENERATORS AND RVS ARE NOT ALLOWED. We will have a private bathroom on site, but only one so just be aware. If you don't register as one of the first 40 we may provide an option for you to come to the hash, but we will absolutely not allow you to stay at the campground. Due to permitting the site does have a limit

    Things to bring

    Coolers with ice, beer, food, water. Cooking equipment. We will have a camp stove. Tent/shelter and sleeping gear. Fleshlights and cock lanterns. Towels/rags, baby wipes, biodegradable soap, iso-alcohol and a bucket to clean up with. General toiletries. Shiggy clothes. Whistles. Sunglasses. Sunscreen. Hat. TP of preference (we will have some on hand for you, but I know some of you have sensitive bum bums). Rain jacket. Ear plugs. Aspirin. Gatoraid. Games. DON'T FORGET ID, CASH, CHAIR, BUG SPRAY AND VESSEL.

If you happen to get turned around, or lost, call Whore Shack at 772-260-7048 and we will give you turn-by-turn d-erections.

No matter how you get there, get there. This is an easy drive from the South kennels.

On On

Up Cumming Trails & Events

CLAIM YOUR DATE - TCH3 is scheduled to hash at least once a month, but multiple hashes in a month just means more opportunities for fun. Also, variety is the spice of life, and each hare brings their own style and attitude to the trail. Claim a date and show yours. On On

Treasure Coast Hash House Harriers


Contact/ Message

Please feel free to message the GM at the form provided or on the various social networks. Thank you for your interest. Please share our page below!

South Florida Hashes

There are many hashing opportunities throughout the week in South Florida. Here are the web links and phone numbers of the hash kennels in Palm Beach, Broward, Miami & Key West.
Keep an eye out for weekend event hashes & other various on-goings on our proboards or facebook pages.

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