Hash hotel will be the Clarion of Stuart. Call them directly and use the code Red Dress to lock in a 60 dollar a night deal. You can have up to 4 to a room...or more if thats how your roll.

Friday, August 19th - Sunset/Starlight Hash @ 7:00sht
Saturday, August 20th - Tap-A-Keg Hash @ 12:00sht
Saturday, August 20th - RDR 2016 @ 6:00sht
Sunday, August 21st - Fat Boy/Fat Tire Brunch and Byko @ 11:30sht

Starlight trail with two options. Option A, will be a traditional runners trail. Option B, will be a pay as you go pub crawl. Both trails with reunite for circle, and all leftover orange food and beer will go to the hashpitality suite for after party. You are on your own for dinner, but we can plan to go as a group to a location. Specific start times and addresses TBA

Tap a keg. This is a traditional runners trail and will include a pizza lunch. The kegs will now be available for the rest of the weekend or until they are kicked. Red Dress Social: Dawn your red dress you sexies and lets have a social stroll in one another's company. Trail will include multiple beer and liquor checks. Real food as well as the orange variety will be provided at circle/post lube. We will then enter the famous Dancin' in the Streets (ticket cost included in hash cash) block party in order to catch the last band. Keg and leftover food will be transferred to the hashpitality suite.

Kill the keg/Fat Tire Byko and Brunch. Join us for brunch, including bloody marys and mimosas. Afterward we will have a byko trail that can accommodate those who need to sweat out some booze or those who would just prefer to set their cruise control. We will then kill any beer that has so far escaped being imbibed.

Keep in mind that most of the rego cost is going to Saturday and Sunday. If you cant be there Friday, you may still want to buy the early 50 dollar rego, its not getting any cheaper than this folks! All money that is made after we recover costs will be donated to charity.

Early regos will get the best price. A la carte and day of prices will be available, but your best price will be right now for the early rego and for doing all the events. Prices will go up accordingly. We arent trying to make money, we just want to cover costs and have something leftover for charity.

Check the links above for more.


Whore Shacks Burfday Hash - Saturday August 6thth

Details Cumming Soon